Obama believes hydraulic fracturing can be done safely and supports natural gas development. Obama said in a phone interview from Toledo that he encourages advances in fracking technology, but prioritizes the health and safety of the public. Obama said the federal government is going to provide research to ensure safety in the fracking process and the individuals involved.

“I am a big promoter of natural gas as a way for us to reduce our dependence on foreign energy sources but also to create jobs.”

“So the role the federal government at this point is to make sure that we are providing the research dollars and the monitoring so that we don’t see the health and safety of people in these areas put at risk, but the technology has improved greatly and the natural gas boom that we’re seeing around the country is something that I want to encourage.”

The advances in fracking will help the United State become less dependent on foreign energy sources. Fracking will continue to become the leading method of natural gas extraction for drilling companies across the nation. Regulations will help provide confidence in the public that fracking will not harm those near drilling site or working on-site. Obama agrees that natural gas is what our country needs.