Fracking supporters recently staged a rally in Albany, N.Y. Hundreds of people gather to at the Corning Preserve on the Hudson River and then marched to a park near the Capitol. Once the crowd reached the Capitol, elected officials and labor leaders gave speeches. Fracking, slang for “hydraulic fracturing,” is a method of extracting natural gas deep beneath the ground. The current moratorium on fracking influenced the rally.

Fracking technology frees gas from shale reserves located up to 7,000+ feet underground. Fracking supporters believe fracking would provide economic benefits for upstate New York. Anti-fracking activists, on the other hand, cite environmental concerns, including water contamination. However, fracking regulators have reviewed and will continue to review the issues, and at this point, there are no links between fracking and water contamination.

Fracking is the process of extracting natural gas from the ground. Extracting natural gas provides many benefits like boosting the economy, as well as, helping our nation reach a cleaner energy future. Unlike using traditional fossil fuels, using natural gas alternative can decrease the amount of harmful emissions that enter the atmospheres. More manufacturing companies use natural gas under the current Administration’s Clean Air Act, which placed a cap on the amount of emissions a manufacturing company can release.