The fracking boom has been more than an economic boost and offers more than just jobs. At least that’s how Ryan Molloy feels. Molloy, 26, used to be an Army Ranger, now works for Performance Technologies, LLC, Molloy, wanted to find a career in sustainable energy, so when the opportunity with work with Performance Technologies, LLC came, he could resist. Performance Technologies, LLC is a Chesapeake Energy Corp. subsidiary that provides pressure pumping services for fracture stimulation of oil and natural gas wells.

Today, Molloy works hard to be the best at what he does. Molloy said it reminds him of the military. He said his formed a brotherhood with class, who is always pushing others to improve.

“We want to build this utopia of a new generation of fracturing companies,” said Molloy.

Andrew Bartz likes hands-on work and the challenge of learning how to operate different equipment. Bartz works for a Huston-based industry leading company called, Halliburton. Bartz travels all over western Oklahoma. Starting his career with no experience, today, Bartz is star moving up the ranks.

“I enjoy what I do,” Bartz said. “Although it seems like the same thing every day, it’s not.”

Both Bartz and Molloy believe that a job in the fracking industry is a solid career move. Molloy said, “It’s such a fast and clean process, you blink and you can miss it.”