Lisa Jackson, EPA administrator reports that fracking can be “ok.” Jackson told energy leaders and environmentalists Wednesday that natural gas fracking can be done without harmful impacts. Jackson, also stated that fracking presents “an historic opportunity” for the energy industry in the United States in terms of energy development and job creation.

“I think that fracking as a technology is perfectly capable of being clean. I do. But it requires people who are doing it and innovators who use the technology to take some time to make sure that it’s done right. And it requires smart regulation, smart rules of the road,” Jackson said.

Controversy over fracking and whether the fracking process has an effect on water quality has been a top topic of conversation.  On going studies are being conducted to test the water quality if it’s related to the fracking process.  Jackson said, that there is no proven cases that fracking is effecting the water quality.

“People are rightfully asking, what is my government doing to ensure that my water, my air, my health are protected? Those are fair questions to ask,” she said.

Jackson was the keynote speaker at the “Energy 40/40” conference, which took a look back on 40 years of energy history and took a look forward to 40 years of energy growth and changes. Jackson’s speech was a good sign for the fracking industry and the energy industry as a whole.