Environmental Issues

Lower Greenhouse Gas Emissions
In the U.S. electricity supply sector, the cost benchmark for reducing carbon dioxide emissions lies with substitution of natural gas for coal, especially older, less efficient units. Substitution through increased utilization of existing combined cycle natural gas power plants provides a relatively low-cost, short-term opportunity to reduce U.S. power sector CO2 emissions by up to 20%, while also reducing emissions of criteria pollutants and mercury.

MIT Natural Gas Study

In the U.S., a combination of demand reduction and displacement of coal-fired power by gas-fired generation is the lowest way to reduce CO2 emissions by up to 50%.

MIT Study on the Future of Natural Gas

Lower Water Use (per MMBTU)

New Fracking Fluid Technology
Advances in fracturing fluid technology, such as CleanStim® provides both environmentally friendly ingredients sourced from the food industry along with excellent performance in pumpability, transport, and conductivity. As the industry further develops new technologies related to the fracking process, look for environmental concerns to decrease.