Fracking for natural gas could lead to advancements in the development and manufacturing of natural gas fueled cars. With the help of Colorado Governor John Hicklooper and Oklahoma Governor, Mary Fallin, the U.S. is taking a steps forward towards a natural-gas-fueled-economy.

John Hicklooper among many other state Governors (listed below) sent a letter to the automotive industry’s top execs urging them to develop and manufacture natural gas buring vehicles. According to the Denver Post, Hickenlooper announced that the Governor’s Energy Office would partner with the Colorado Municipal League. Working with the Municipal League, Colorado Gov. Hickenlooper hopes to form multi-state municipality agreements. Mary Fallin, Oklahoma Gov. and Hickelooper, were first to sign the agreement in November to increase natural gas vehicles in their fleets.

Fallin and Hickenlooper initiated a multi-state agreement to promote the use of natural gas as a transportation fuel. The letter stated, “Abundant, affordable, clean-burning natural gas presents a tremendous opportunity for America to realize an energy future using domestic resources to fuel our nation’s transportation needs…To that end, we are committed to exploring ways to aggregate our annual state fleet vehicle procurements to provide an incentive to manufacture affordable, functional natural gas vehicles.”

The governors of Colorado, Oklahoma, Wyoming, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Mississippi, New Mexico, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah and West Virginia signed the letter.

Natural gas vehicles have much cleaner emissions. According to the EPA, natural gas can reduce carbon-monoxide emissions by 90-97% and nitrogen-oxide by 35-60% compared to gasoline. Natural gas also reduces dependency on foreign oil. Some energy execs believe that with the development of natural gas, the U.S. could see energy independence in as early as 15 years.

The cost of natural gas is nearly half the cost of gasoline – Some research shows fuel savings at about 30% less than gasoline on average, but can sometimes show savings more than 40%.